Your Places

“From one man [God] made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps find him, though he is not far form each one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being.”

Acts 17:26-28

Of all the time the world has turned, God chose this time for you to live, and He assigned the exact places you would live. He did this because these were the best circumstances under which you would choose to know Him. Incredible!

I believe God also places us in various cities and neighborhoods throughout our lives as divine appointment. The Word teaches us that the Spirit orders the churches. He draws you to join a specific church family just as God draws you to a place of living.

For all the times you have visited church or heard about evangelism and missions across the world, your most productive mission field just may be your neighborhood. Who you live next to is no accident, because God is a God of order.

That single person you keep running into…they may be very lonely. That family across the way who seems to have it all…they may be very broken.

The schools your kids attend, the local grocery store and the corner gas station – this is your sphere of influence. You do not have to cross the ocean to change lives for Christ. In fact, He needs you right where you are. We often miss out on true mission by believing that is a term for a specific task, trip or job across the world. Our mission to love all people to Christ includes the people within your sphere.

So what are we doing in our places to love people intentionally? This page will explore ways to share His Name and Renown for His glory.


If you have children in school, you have an enormous amount of opportunity for influence! How you love the administrators, teachers and other parents can be a door to walk those people into hope and joy they are missing. One idea:

  • Notes to the teachers: Write a note to the teachers and tell them you are praying for them. Then – actually pray every day. Don’t wait until you have time – you can whisper a prayer in the car! Then, two weeks later, send another note saying, “I’m still praying for you. I wanted you to know I really meant that.” Now they are starting to believe you really care. Then….when some time passes, send a final note and ask “Is there anything I can pray for you about?” **Consistently being present can make all the difference.


Do you talk to your cashier or grocer by name? Can I tell you what a difference I see in people’s countenance when you use their name? My husband is very intentional about this with wait staff at restaurants, and he has taught me to give more attention to the person right in front of me. Here are some ideas to bless your local stores, main streets and restaurants you frequent:

  • Always acknowledge their name. If there is not a name tag, ask their name
  • Use their name every time they bring a drink to your table or when you are checking out. Show them you really did care to know it.
  • Ask them about their day. Treat them as if you are there to serve them.
  • Leave a note on the receipt blessing or thanking them.
  • If you know the owner of a certain store or grocery store (like we do) – plan treat bags for the workers with a note to thank them for working so hard to bag your groceries and serve you. (How many grocers receive something like that???)


 Influence: the power to change or affect someone or something

You do have influence in your places!

Do you have ideas for sharing Christ in your place? Share it with us!



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