Hi friends! Welcome to my little corner of the world. My husband and I are currently serving in ministry in southern Oklahoma. David has been a pastor for over 22 years, and we have six-year old twins.

We use this space to chat about living out the Word of God for the people of God. I spend most of my time these days on my podcast, After Sunday, for those who want a word of encouragement on the run, in the car or during mid-week chores. Hop over to iTunes and subscribe!

Maybe the first stop on the blog today is the Prayer Closet, where you can find encouragement as you meet with God. I believe prayer truly can change the world.

I blog as the Spirit leads me and teaches me from the Word. I LOVE the Word and believe every good morsel of it. I hope you find encouragement somewhere on this space or from the podcast. Go forth and believe God is for you!




3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ginger I just found this today. So powerful. I will definitely keep looking for your blogs as God leads you. As I am still fighting cancer, I love to fill my soul with God’s word. Thank you for following God’s call & blessing your/his followers.


    • I still have a little magnet on my fridge from you, dear friend, and always think of you. I pray every time I see you have another treatment. God’s goodness wash over you, today, sister. Love you!


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