4 Reasons We Don’t Have Peace

We are the most entertained people in history, and we are also the most bored. The average American has more stuff, more free-time and more conveniences than most of our ancestors before us, but I’d bet we’d agree anxiety keeps close company.

I’d suggest five reasons our peace could be lacking today:

– We keep prayer on the back burner.

We hear about prayer, talk about prayer and may even believe in prayer. But when’s the last time you sank deep in a chair, put down your phone and gave God five minutes? 

We will often think it out, talk it out with friends and then determine to fix our own problems before we go to God.

In Phillipians chapter 4, Paul tells us that God’s peace will guard our heart and mind after we pray

It’s the praying that releases the weight. Burdens are shifted and peace is found. 

What if you stopped right now and gave God what you’ve worrying about?
We are rolling the wrong tapes.

I’m guilty of this. We let our minds turn to all the things we can’t control, have to do or wish we had. We roll over the same tapes in our minds until they unravel. The more we think on something negative, the more energy and joy it steals. 

So right after Paul says to pray & have peace, he adds something very key in Phillipians. Paul gives us a tunnel of adjectives through which every thought should filter. He knows we will begin to believe what we think most on.

If we pray one way, but think another, are we really trusting?

It takes a deliberate choice every time we notice a habit of turning our thoughts to what worries us. Change your thoughts and change your life.

-We are trying to be & do what only God can.

We have limits for a reason. We are limited by time and space. We want to be everywhere at once and have more time than the next guy. We rush so we don’t miss out and we try to be in relationship with a thousand people at once through social media. 

God invites us to rest in His omnipresence. He is not bound by space or time. He can do what we cannot. 

It can be very freeing to accept our limitations and let God handle the timing of our circumstances. 

We are not leaning on the indwelling presence of God.

We can spend our whole lives trying to find peace in various ways and places. Jesus said He offers a peace unlike what the world will offer. That peace is found only through a personal relationship with Christ. 

You can give Him your life today and the peace-maker will come to live inside of you. If you have a relationship with God—maybe He’s whispering today, Lean into my strength and peace and let me lead again.


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing – 

Rom. 15:13


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