Powerful Ways to Cultivate Hope

The apostle Paul wisely stated, “who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” Romans 8:24-25

Waiting is the school of hope. But that word patience is HARD. So I heartily welcomed a new word during study. Through study of the original Greek, I found the word “constancy.”

That’s something I can grab ahold of! I may have a long way to go in my faith walk, but I can get up again tomorrow and grab ahold of hope. I can come after Him with a constant hunger.

Here are four ways to cultivate that hope in your daily life:

  • Call it to Mind
    • Lamentations chapter three is known for the beautiful text about God’s mercies being new every morning.  But let’s step back to see that the writer had to literally call that to mind to encourage himself.  What is on the forefront of your mind? Call to mind what God has done for you. Call to mind His steadfast love!
  • Cultivate His presence within
    • Colossians 1:27 tells us that Christ within us is the hope of glory. We press in to the power of the Spirit and spend time with Him to lean on the hope he offers. Are you talking to the One Who is for you? Look for Him. Speak to Him. Turn your face to the Giver of Hope.
  • Profess
    • The writer of Hebrews calls us to hold unswervingly to the hope we profess. It’s a hope we share with others that comes most alive within us. Has your hope or faith been weak? Begin to testify again. Paul said, “I believe, therefore I speak.” There is just something about speaking out faith and letting our heart catch up!
  • Give it Away
    • This is powerful! Sometimes the best thing we can do is sow what we want to reap. Turn your focus to what others need and often your own needs get smaller.

Have you lost hope? Do you see people around you who just seem hopeless? Friends, sometimes we just have to stir up our own hope. That’s what I want to help you do with my latest podcast series on hope! Head over to your podcast app and check out After Sunday today!


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope!” Romans 15:13


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