How to Hedge in Your Pastor: Perseverance

Lord, there are long days in ministry. Oh God, so long. So hard. You know this. You had the longest of days that dark Friday long ago. What courage you showed us in your death, O Lord. What love do you have for us, my King, that you would suffer for us?

It is for this courage today, I pray, Faithful God, for your servant, my pastor.


Oh, Lord, that you would secure ___________ in courage…even the courage of Joshua and Moses and Abraham.

I confess steadfastness over ________ today (1 Cor. 15:58) – and bold vision, an everlasting hope in the living Christ – that he may continue to fight the good fight of faith. (1 Tim. 6:12)

In his testing, Lord, may you produce perseverance, which leads to character. (James 1:3) May he be ashamed in nothing, but live out the gospel with all boldness, that Christ will be magnified in his body, whether by life or by death. (Phil 1:20)

Infuse him with this courage today, in your grace, my Lord. May he know that no present suffering is worth comparing to the glory you will reveal in him. (Rom 8:18) And when suffering or weariness comes, may we hold up his arms as for Moses on the mountain, that we – all of us – would overcome in victory. (Ex 17:12)

And now, with all assurance and hope and trust, I THANK YOU– that ___________ is more than a conqueror over all evil and hardship, persecution, famine, danger or sword. If you are FOR __________, who can be against him? Thank you that NOTHING will separate ________from the GREAT and MIGHTY love of God that is in our GOOD and KIND Lord, Jesus, the Christ.

For your glory and the advancement of your everlasting kingdom, Amen.

Join us this week in our Prayer Series on pastoral coverage. Feel free to follow this blog for Scriptural prayers forth coming. Blessings today!


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