The Prayer of Immediate Allegiance

I awoke this morning remembering. Dreams can be quite real. And whether it is a dream or thought, temptation comes in all forms at all times to destroy us.

It is the plan of all true evil. We should not take lightly the strategies of Satan to come after us in his roaring lion state.

The problem is that often we do not see the temptation as such. It looks quite good to us. The salesman has been at this for some time. He doesn’t just throw something in the water hoping a fish will bite. Satan knows our bait well.

From the very beginning, sin has been crouching just outside our doorstep.


It is an act, not a feeling, which moves us into the immediate prayer of allegiance. We recognize with our minds – which have been dwelling on the truth of His word – that the idea or thought or dream was pure evil.

It is not good for us. Or our families.

It actually – this seeming small thought – runs contrary to everything you have been praying. He doesn’t offer the extravagant first. No. Satan wants a small bite so we will take another and another and another.

Do not be surprised when chasing the glory of God to be tempted to turn face.

“The old serpent will tempt you and entice you, but he will be sent packing by prayer, and if you do some useful work in the meantime, you will block his chief approach.” – Thomas a’ Kempis

So we pray immediately to rebuke the thought or idea, identify it as false and evil, and proclaim that God is the one true God. Whatever the specific temptation is, we speak opposite to it. If he is warring against your marriage, you commit your marriage to God and your work within. You thank the Lord for all He is about to do in that marriage. If it is against your business, you thank Him for favor and blessing and commit to make all decisions in integrity. If it is an old way – coming back around to entice – you claim victory over that area and thank Him that you find joy in Christ alone.

We whisper it before we feel it.

That is the immediacy.

We then take action to follow through: That is the allegiance.

To finish a prayer in the Word in this area, I often include;

Lord, I thank you that you are my fortress  and my deliverer, and you shield those who take refuge in you. (Ps. 18:30) I claim that you are the one true God, and there is no other. I have hidden your word in my heart, Oh, Lord, that I might not sin against you. (Ps. 119:11) Keep your servant from willful sin (Ps. 19:13) and surround me with songs of deliverance. In the name and power of Jesus who is the Christ, and for His glory, Amen.


This is a series on prayer. You may begin here.


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