No Other Thing, Lord

Grace, grace, grace to a debtor

Means all I have I owe.


What debt I owe

What sin I’ve lived

But whence He comes to save

Be still oh soul

At passion’s edge

Flee thee from the grave


Dare I ask in such a state

Is there room at the cross for me?

Where I can go to the higher life….

One less lived for me


The line is drawn

The waters near

It’s go or stay behind


The cross is there

I see it plain

What cost will I not pay?

So take my hand

I need you, Lord

To guide me on the way


What is left, Oh Lord

When selfish deeds are lost

But dry and empty offerings

Of straw and wheat and hay

So take them, now, for your glory told

And burn with fire away


Oft I run to ocean’s edge

And dream of lofty praise

Returning to the endless chase

For which I long have grazed


Yet paths you show, though cloudy gray

Are better than any dream

For peace and joy abide there

Each day I trust and glean


Rather I would know not one

Of the days which lie ahead

But rather live day to day

And consider you my stead


No other thing, not high or low

Can last the world around

But you, Oh Lord, my constant thing

Will last with grace abound.



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