The Morning Star is Rising

The dawn rises with hope, fall colors spreading across the sky. Cool mist hanging over the water, like the crisp morning David and I braved the Canada cold with our thin gloves to glide along Lake Louise. We were the first on the water. Alone in a little canoe, the glory of God in the mountains.


Often He calls us here. Out of our warm beds into these moments. Our eyes beg no, a weary body wanting to lay still until a babe forces the uprising.

We often have no idea what gift lay ahead of the decision to follow.

The invitation may be soft at first. Then that warming of the heart gets warmer still. My eyes open and I recognize His prompting. “Come”

Today it seems to be a push into a simple obedience. No concern for outcome, only obey and see my goodness.

He always wants us to SEE His goodness. So we pray in agreement, “May I see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Our days are richer with this meeting of the dawn in the graces of His Spirit. What better way to speak our first words but,

“Good Morning, Holy Spirit.”

Prayer does not have to wait for the closet or the car or the moment in the mountains. It can find its roots in deeper communion. All communion is from Him, all relationships growing out from the central one. He is love.

“He wakens me morning by morning…” (Isa 50:4)

He is not the God of just another day. He wants each new dawn to rise in our hearts like a new promise – a faith in the God of all new things. He wakens our spirits and whispers. Talk to me. Keep asking. Keep praying. Then come, and see. See what I have made for you, today.

He “wakens my ear to listen..”

We listen. We look. We allow the Morning Star to rise up within us and shine forth. We begin our every day with communion. In union with Him. This act of sharing, intimate fellowship. It’s what prayer is all about.


This is a series on prayer. You may begin here.


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