Is Prayer My Heartbeat?

I’ve invited my husband, a senior pastor for over nineteen years, to share his heart today on prayer. My question to him is,

How much of a difference do you believe prayer really makes? And what role do you believe it will play in the last days? 


First of all, thank you the opportunity to share my heart about the power of prayer.

Prayer is the very heartbeat of a believer and should be the engine that gives power to the local church.

Prayer, for me, is the difference ———in my sermons and everyday ministry.

Taking time to pray with members of my church staff each morning or my family at night reminds me of God’s great love and my need for His hand to lead every part of my life.

To know that I have twenty-four hour access to the very throne room of the Lord is overwhelming.  What type of God can handle and be intimately aware of each person’s needs and situations?  —-> A God who has the power to answer and affect any situation that we may experience.

Prayer in the Last Days

I firmly believe that as evil grows in the world, God’s presence and power will grow even greater.

“…but where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” Rom. 5:20

This will be in part because of God’s people fasting and praying on behalf of a world that desperately needs hope and the saving power of Jesus Christ.  We will see long-held denominational walls collapse as pastors and congregations  join together in prayer and fasting on a regular basis.  This type of corporate prayer will begin to be the norm in communities and cities alike.  This type of prayer will have tremendous implications for our towns, states, nation and world. – Rev. David L. Daniel


My Response

Is prayer the heartbeat of my life? Maybe, as believers, it is whether we know it or not. And that’s why so many of us struggle in our faith. Our hearts need attention. Like a cholesterol test we retake over and over, we see what is off. But we just keep feeding the wrong hunger. The hunger for knowledge or experience or fellowship with other people.

It is easier.

To feed those hungry places —– than to sit with an invisible God and really connect.

It seems we are quite full on information today. We tweet through collections of books.

Maybe our hearts need a fast from information overload.

When was the last time you—-and I——-made the time to really listen for God? To hear our heartbeat?

If prayer can unite the churches – hands held together across cities – what are we waiting for? What if all the cries with words for unity could be answered in reaching out across the street and inviting the other church to a city prayer walk? And an ongoing meeting together just to pray.

And what prayer can bring us all together like the Lord’s Prayer?

Lord, may our hearts beat with the rhythm of your grace, your whisper of “Come.” May we, your saints, know the lap of our Father and the loving embrace that awaits us, there. And may we reach out our hands across the aisle and the street and the state borders to invite all to join in with us in saying, “thy kingdom come.”


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