When God’s People Pray {A Wish on my 35th Birthday}

I was shaking pepper on a hot-cooking dinner on the stove when I saw him in my mind: a young boy running. Clothes torn, blood on the brow. The age of my own son, or maybe older. One of many pictures in my mind over the previous days as Mosul was becoming a Christian ghost town. Miles away children by any number were crossing U.S. borders into what they hoped would be a safe haven from the dark of night.

I began to pray for those children, and the Lord began to speak.

Then the thought came. Like an idea that made no sense.

This is one way you can tell the Spirit it speaking: it wasn’t even on your radar before it came off your lips or into your mind.

Pray at noon.

Pray at noon? Okay. But what and how and what kind of prayer can come forth to really make a difference to these hurting lives so far from me.

I had just started blogging regularly, and I thought I should call out a community of believers to take watch at noon. What kind of power force – with hands outstretched across the world with other believers at the exact same time each day – storming the gates of hell. Believing together for the souls of men, the healing of nations.

But I wasn’t sure. I felt this idea needed to sit. I wanted it to be from God alone. Because better than any good idea….is a God idea. They are the only ones that really last. I needed clarity and confirmation, so I set the idea aside.

I had been learning that visions really do await an appointed time.

About one month later, a group from my church, including my husband and I, attended a one-day prayer conference in a small church south of us. The teacher was Terry Teykle, and God was about to confirm the very word I had set aside.

He shared how three years ago he felt led to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon. He invited other leaders and ministers to join him. (My ears were perking up) He showed us headlines from the newspaper in Houston reporting huge declines in crime and murder with “no explanation.” How now hundreds of believers were joining forces at the exact same time to pray God’s kingdom down…and it was happening.

I began studying the Lord’s Prayer. The insight from this practice alone has opened a chest of immeasurable joy and boldness in prayer I had not known.

I’ve joined the noon force in the midst of my own journey into the prayer life I believe we are all meant to have. I’ve set noon as my time to pray for the nations, my city, my church staff. And I started studying, in depth, and every day, about prayer itself.

In one hour alone, I found 28 specific instructions in prayer in Scripture. There are also countless examples of prayer – written out for us like gifts waiting at the altar. There are hindrances to answered prayers and there are promises we can take to the bank of God’s treasure store. There is encouragement for boldness and teaching on humility.

And if you were to study every reference to the word pray, prayer, praying in Scripture you would find this truth connecting every story: that the prayers of a righteous man are —–IN FACT —– powerful and effective. To effect change in the world. In your world. Your life today and tomorrow.

I’m taking a walk with God into the school of prayer. I want to be a full-time student. I have much to learn.

And to stay accountable, aid in my learning….and as an offering to God, I’m inviting you to class. I’ll be writing every day in October on prayer. On the day God made the sun stand still because of one man’s prayer. On the richness of the Lord’s Prayer – the heart of our Savior in His own words. On doubts and believing and what His Spirit has been whispering to me – little me in my little closet of prayer.

Who doesn’t want to have a more effective prayer life? To see healings and the glory of God?

But here is my real wish – the candle on this, my 35th birthday – that you would grab a hand in the circle of noon prayer and say the Lord’s Prayer over your city every day for the next 31 days. My hope? To get 35 people for 31 days.

Can you do that? As you are driving your car, praying over lunch, doing dishes. Whisper it….”Our Father, who art in heaven….thy kingdom come…”

You know, habits, they form over time, one choice…one day…at a time.

I have a secret.

Yeah, the cat is out…here it is: that you get hooked. ——> That 31 days of prayer won’t be enough for you

But if you give God one – maybe you’ll give 2 or a few…or a month? All prayers are offerings.

A friend, she started a Facebook page to encourage the warriors taking His Words into the world at high noon. And you can follow me on Twitter for daily reminders at noon. Use the hashtag #pray@noon and call out the family of God …then watch…

———> keep watching, keep watching….like the tiny cloud Elijah saw when he proclaimed rain was on the way.

If you want encouragement from Scripture on prayer in your email inbox over the next 31 days, Follow this blog. I’ll begin October 1st with two words that can radically change your prayer life. We’ll spend the first few days preparing our hearts to enter His courts. We will break down the Lord’s Prayer, piece by piece, and soak up the words of our Lord. We will learn from saints far more able than I to discuss prayer. And all along the way…we will whisper it, at high noon.

“Thy will be done….on earth”

Will you pray at noon? For our nation, for your city, for His kingdom come down. Join us!


Linking up with Holly, Meredith, and Jennifer. (My birthday was Sept. 29th….which means my first of the 31 days has officially begun!)

31 days



  1. I would love to receive the blog by email or subscribe to your blog!! I’ve been praying at noon for several weeks..so powerful!!! I look forward to hearing more!!! Blessings, Susan Cosby, Amarillo, TX.


    • Hi Susan! Wonderful to see you are on the team! Just click the follow button on my homepage and it will ask for your email address and sign you up. If you click on the post again, you can click on home from there and see “Follow” in the right-hand column


  2. YES!!! I have started praying through the Psalms, and I’m already amazed at how these words written thousands of years ago can ring true today. I can’t wait to read what you’ve discovered, and I’ll definitely be joining you in prayer at noon!

    “Build Your kingdom here/ let the darkness fear/ show Your mighty hand/ heal our streets, our land/ set Your church on fire/ win this nation back/ change the atmosphere/ build Your kingdom here/ we pray!”


  3. Oh, this is going to be so good Ginger! So good! This is an area of my life that has been neglected, honestly neglected. I’m in for this. I need this. We need this. Can’t wait to see what God does!


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