Change Me, God

Change me, God.

Change the rough edges of the jagged heart I bring to the dark closet to meet you. Change me in those places I hurt and hide and leave for tomorrow.

When I see what needs to be changed in others, change my vision…to see the cross and my sin crushing you there. My weakness and their strength – that I might learn from them, those who are different and walk a different path.

When I lack understanding and compassion – change my mind through the truth of your word, that which I feast on and forget is for others too.

When my words are too many and my ears too distracted, change my circumstances. A forced reckoning….a nudge to listen. Because the most precious time still remains….the season I could do nothing but seek you.

When the news is all but good and the world keeps turning, change me. When others are yelling for justice in the streets, let me live justice in mine.

When I slip on the shirt, let it ring from my life…..”Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Let it start with me.

Change me.


I’m linking up tonight with Kate and the FMF gals. Have a blessed weekend…





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