We Can. We Must. We Will.

Two years ago I drove through the neighborhood of my small town…and it came out like a whisper.

This is when you can know the Holy Spirit is doing the praying…..it wasn’t even on your radar before it hit your lips.

“Lord, give me a heart for the poor.”

And, now, two years of restless sleep and ideas and busy mornings raising itty bitties….He is nudging me to begin. To live out that which He started in me on that bumpy road on a hot summer day.

God can change your everything with one simple prayer.

So I’ve been writing down big words and gathering my troops. Because here’s what I said to Him…

You know I can’t do all of this by myself. These new projects – this brave thing.

And my chest felt a burning and my thoughts came back:

“I know. You better get your team.”

And just like God to confirm a thought Spirit-given in His word on the very same day. A yummy feasting in Isaiah I just couldn’t put down.

“Look to Abraham, your father…when I called him, he was but one, and I blessed him and made him many.” Isa. 51:2

The idea of collaboration – it came from Him. Community – birthed in Him. Ministry as a team – lived out by Him.

A team with the same nudging. The same hunger for the hungry. To feed them with more than the sacks of groceries and the Christmas toys. To enter into a new season of brave relationships. To try new things and fail. To get uncomfortable. So that when we continue to offer that cold cup of water as the physical answer to the call of Christ, it’s only to wet the tongue of an indwelling spirit alive in Christ.

Then, just to add flame to the burning fire, that chapter of Isaiah talks about justice. How His justice will become a light to the nations.

Yes, yes it will.

God is always doing a new thing. And inviting us to join Him. So all people will feast on the bread broken and sip from the cup he carried and join the procession on that great big day.

And the day I make my plan, I walk into the room where my daughter is watching My Little Pony. Justice is my word of that day. And even a cartoon can nudge you.

The group of ponies is scared. There is an obstacle ahead and they shrink back. Then the leader steps forward and says,

We can do it.

We must do it.

We will do it.

And I smile and whisper, “Yes, Lord. We can. We must. We will. For you.”

The word today is begin. Let’s do it together. Going out in teams for Christ to love the world.

Linking up today with #FiveMinuteFriday where we write for five minutes from the heart. Join us!




  1. So much truth and beauty here today, Ginger! I love the fact that God spoke through My Little Pony to you…it happens to me, as well. πŸ˜‰ This thought is stirring, “The idea of collaboration – it came from Him. Community – birthed in Him. Ministry as a team – lived out by Him.” YES! So. Much. Yes. Thank you for being brave and answering the call to encourage in this place. xoxo, Meredith


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