On Starting Today to Finish Strong

So I joined the Bloom book study this summer. First-timer. A happy one at that. And upon finishing The Pursuit of an Intentional Life by Jean Fleming, the highlights alone could keep me pondering a night away.

She spoke of stewarding God’s revelations well. A note to my heart….where His whispers are kept.

She spoke of finishing well, of a life we all have just one chance to live.

And lately, like over the last couple of years, I’ve struggled with finishing anything. Any. thing.

There’s this restless place in me – a wondering. (read wandering) I ask people what is wrong with me. Why I can’t make the smallest decisions regarding ministry. Certainly no big ones. Lately, I can’t even decide which Bible study to lead. And I have felt time slipping away, like watching a fast moving hourglass – my life this one chance – my time precious.

As if it’s my time.

And then – like a flash – that took forever and came so quickly – He spoke. And I obeyed. In one small way.

And here’s the thing: when we obey in just one thing we know, He opens the next door. Sometimes it’s revelation. A needed change in the heart. Sometimes, direction for action.

In my case, both.

And this is where I thank my God that His ideas are SO MUCH BETTER than my good ideas.

And that all along – this restlessness with the small ideas – was because He had something bigger.

Isn’t that how our God works?

So I stepped out today through the second door. I started my brave thing. It’s so much bigger than  me, and I’m thankful.

It’s about time I get out of His way and let Him finish some things. And start some new ones.

Because “the advancement of the gospel is greater than our individual lives.” – J. Fleming


I’m linking up tonight – for the very first time – on Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and some gals who have blessed my heart through reading. Happy to join the writers tonight and offer Lisa-Jo love for her long-time stewardship in this community.




  1. Welcome to Five Minute Friday! I’m fairly new to this, too, but I look forward to it every week. I understand the restlessness you described. Been there . . . done that . . . been there . . . am there. Have a great weekend!


  2. Yes! That thought of time being our own and the fact that it isn’t! I am struggling with that so often. What I desire and what He is calling me to join Him in today! I am so glad you linked up and that you were right before me! There was a reason that we were meant to be FMF neighbors today! So glad to *meet* you! What a beautiful space you have here! 🙂


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