Jesus and the Spirit: What Unity!

How did our Lord relate to the Spirit?

  • He was begotten of the Spirit: Luke 1:35
  • He was baptized by the Spirit: John 1:32-34
  • He was led by the Spirit: Luke 4:1
  • He was anointed by the Spirit: Luke 4:16-21, Acts 10:38
  • He drove out demons by the Spirit: Matthew 12:28
  • He offered Himself as the atonement for sin through the Spirit: Hebrews 9:14
  • The Spirit raised Him from the dead: Romans 8:11
  • He gave commandments by the Spirit: Acts 1:2

So, there is not much they did not do together. If the Spirit of God was so involved in the life and ministry of our Lord, how important is He to us?

Let us see how they worked together. Coherently in all ways. Christ had to be obedient to the leading of the Spirit just as we should be. To walk into the desert knowing not the temptation that lie ahead. To press into His strength when the temptation arrived. To lean into His presence when hanging on the tree. To speak words of truth boldly to crowds that would deny Him.

Even Christ relied on the strength and presence of the Living Spirit of God.

Christ did not come down from His heavenly throne to be served, but to serve. Not only man. Not chiefly man. For He served first and foremost the purpose of the Father…and He obeyed the leading of His very Spirit. What humility! He took last place so He could rightfully ask us to do the same.

We serve others best when we have bowed the knee to our Master.

What an example in the Trinity. Three parts working together – with and through and for the others. What strength there must be in our obedience to the whispers of His Spirit. What true empowerment when we lay down our agenda for the kingdom call.

What the Spirit did for Christ, He can do for us.

He can baptize you with His presence. Anoint you in His work. Pray when you cannot. Lead you in His will. Confirm His Word within.

He hovered over the waters in the beginning. He hovers now. Over us. Within us. Still wooing, speaking, working. For the purpose of the Father. To point to the Son. And to the DAY when we, like Christ, will be raised to NEW LIFE forever.

This is Part 3 in a series on the Person of the Holy Spirit. You can backtrack here.









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