Extremely Important Intel from a SuperMom


I thought about naming this post How to Eat a Mexican Pizza While Driving, but I truly didn’t have enough good intel on that. A little though.

The kids watched TV for umpteen hours yesterday, because I read something recently about the importance of face to face contact in speech development. And how lots of TV is a bad idea.

That’s okay though. We did flash cards for .2 seconds in the afternoon.

So recently we had a little outing to the local Burger King – to play, of course. As we were exiting, Josh didn’t want to take my hand before crossing the parking lot. I bent down to make eye contact and told him he knew what was right and he would take my hand right then. After a stomping of the foot, he did and we crossed safely to our motor vehicle. As I was strapping the kiddos in, a man approached me.

Let me backtrack. This man was near the doorway as Josh and I had the little hand discussion. He just stood there, like he couldn’t keep going is own way until we were done. We were not in his way. Anyhoo…he saw the whole deal. Which is one reason why I waited until reaching the car to have my longer talk with Josh. Because the best discipline happens in private.

So he came up to me and said,

“I saw what happened between you and your son, and it just broke my heart.”

It’s a good thing I didn’t raise my voice during the little hand-holding lesson. The man may have fallen over dead. I’m glad he has no video surveillance in my home.

I continued to listen, intrigued.

He began to tell me that he brought me a book from his car and he encouraged me to read a paragraph on page 55 about motherhood. And how to mother.

About how to mother.

He actually said that if I read it, I will finally have peace in my home.

[Action shot of me]: Blank stare happening. Smile emerging.

I’m sold. I’m thinking I’ll help him market this one paragraph to the world. Like today.

He said quite a few other things about discipline and such. I kept a calm neutral face while trying not to raise even the tiniest little eyebrow.

My husband was in the driver’s seat, waiting. He’s gracious like that, ya’ll – letting a stranger minister to me in my obvious time of great need.

The man was totally serious and seemed totally sincere. I thanked him, took the book and entered the car. There may have been a slight look given to the husband.

You guys, the paragraph was like the shortest paragraph ever. Definitely it covers ALL of the basics on how to be a good mother. I thought I would add just a few ideas from my own SuperMom book.

Sticks are our friend. Free, long, entertaining. It’s like five toys in one.



Cups are also multi-purpose. I’m still not sure how. Just trust me.

IMG_1597 (2)

Mud is great for exfoliation. I use when available.



Teach the kids to share their snacks with the pets. It’s cheaper.



Always treat kids to be kind to animals. Except squirrels. You can chase them.


Where they sleep – not important. Letting them sleep there – mucho importante

ann sleeping


Leave shoes laying around. It’s handy.


Dirt is edible. And high in fiber. When necessary, use a spoon.



Quiet =mess. It’s okay. YOU WANT the QUIET.


Encourage them to use their creative side.



When energy abounds, find a dirt pile. Works every time.

dirt pile

dirt pile2

Encourage blood to the brain. Learning is tiring for the young ones.

upside down


You guys, I have so much intel on potty training. I cannot. even. I’ll spare photos. Just ask.

No animals or children were harmed in the writing of this post.

Sadly, no picture was staged.

And that man? I bless him. Truly. He was just trying to find an open door to give me a book about his faith. I get that.

All you Moms out there…..

We’re in this thing together. Yeah. Pouring out into the next generation. Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing it. Don’t fret about how you’re doing it. We’re all super in our own way.

How you raise them is one thing. How you LOVE them… It’s EVERYTHING. Love on.



“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7











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