The Problem we Have with Offering Grace

The elder son had a vision problem. He was near sighted to his man made goodness. His works, his obedience blocked his vision from his need for grace.

How can my brother’s return be celebrated? He had yet to experience what the woman with the jar of perfume understood. Those who have been forgiven much will love much.

The best spoonful of medicine for the illness of judgement? Is to swallow hard the reality of your sin nature.

The Word tells us Christ was tempted in every way. So you will be. So you are.

Even now, the Christian says, “yes, I am a sinner” but truly thinks they are good to the core, only struggling in a few small areas.

You say, yes I struggle with anger, sometimes lust. But I would never murder. Commit vile acts.

The trap we fall in by managing our little sins. Thinking we would never…..

Because we are good people.

Satan doesn’t play nice. He’s out for blood.

The church is still writing articles about how we should handle it when our pastor falls into sin. We seem to wait for the big fall. Does the sin of the pastor make the flock feel a little holier?

Your pastor will sin. He or she probably has today. Have you?

Again, as long as it’s a little sin. We understand that. We do it too. Just not [this] sin. We like our sins in boxes, arranging them just so.

The day I stopped noticing fewer specks in the world? Was the day my own log hit me square between the eyes.

That error we tend to notice the most in others? Our eye is sensitive to it, because it is familiar.

Put me in the right (read wrong) situation long enough with just the right temptations, and I could commit any sin. Apart from grace, and grace alone, like Paul, I am the chief of sinners.

The more grace we have received, the more we will offer. Lest we think we do not need as much as the other guy, let us look squarely at the cross.


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