An Awakening for the Church- For All People – For Him


“To Paul, the essence of the crucified life was daily dying to the part of himself that would deny, destroy, or distract from the great work of God in Him. The great work of God through Him. After untold wars with his own inner man, Paul watched as his wounded ego was wrestled to the ground by the Spirit of Christ, and up stood a person he had no inkling he could be. A stranger, you might say, to the man he’d mirrored for so long. And his mission was accomplished.” – Beth Moore, The Promise of Security.

There are untold wars. Within.

Deep within the disciple, there is always a pruning. A musing of sorts, tossing some truth around in your soul. Because the Word of the Spirit rubs against the flesh. The carnality of the mind cannot understand it at first thought. We must lean in, and say yes. To the transformation.

There is a wrestling long into the night to Know Him. We all have wounded egos. We still think its all about us.

We wonder why we weary so. Deep down tired, wondering if all this church thing – FAITH thing – is worth it. So many believers are just struggling to get up in the morning. We have a fight on our hands. Eternity is on the table.

We get distracted from the “great work of God in [us].” Do you know He is working it all out in you? The Word will come, friend.

When we are weary of the pruning? Of all the work we think we have to do to FIX ourselves? We read of other women, shedding their hearts, hoping against all dark for something – SOMEONE – to help them get up just one more day and live. And we realize the fight is worth it. For souls. The souls Satan is going after. The souls our SAVIOR died for.

We all want to quit. Sometimes…its most days. We wonder if our story is worth the sharing. If our teaching is needed. If OUR PRAYERS really do any good. Oh God – WAKE US UP IN THIS FIGHT. Wake my soul, Lord. Let it begin in me. Thank you, God, for the pruning. The hurt I would have never asked for but will remember forever as the awakening.

It’s bigger than me. Than you. The pruning. The challenge. The fight.

The call YOU have is for eternity.

For the neighbor you’ve been thinking about. The homeless man you saw. The friend with a secret she has yet to share. The minister who is about to throw in the big WHITE towel. The soldiers on the real battle lines and the soldiers wiping small mouths and hoping against all hope they matter when all they do is try with all their might to raise up some kind of loving child.

We have a short window, my husband tells me. He tells the staff. He whispers it to me. So does God.

Distractions abound. Daily. Are they worth it anymore. The TV shouts of untruth and steals our moments with God. The screens we watch take the only moments we really have.

He’s whispering to hungry souls: “Let me in.”

When He has to? He will shout it.

What luxury is our hand so full of? What price are we really paying with our comfortable lives?

What have I been doing?

What have we been missing?

Scripture memory? When the battle gets personal you will pick that TOOL of all tools to use again. Don’t wait.

Prayer? What if it really does work. What if it doesn’t matter what you say, how you say it, or who hears you. What if you break this mold you’ve been sitting in and open your mouth and just speak out loud to Him again. What if Christians really prayed like it worked. Like it saved souls. What if we pressed in like we could bring HEAVEN down and knock the socks off of this gut-wrenching EVIL I am sick and tired of reading about – seeing in my own home, my own church, my own town.

What if we finally said with our actions – NOT ON MY WATCH.

What if just a few – a few good men and woman of God, had a true awakening.

We wait for revivals. We talk about them. We say we need one.

And we keep waiting for everyone else to repent.

It starts with me.

It starts with ONE. One YES. One step. The step you know. Right after you bend the knee, you get up and you take the last step He asked you to take.

We have got to remove the distractions we have given our lives to. What about His voice is so familiar that we are no longer moved? What about His Word has become dull to us?

His work in you is FOR HIM. For them. The orphan who lays down a weary head wondering what love is. The soul so thirsty it will drink untruth just to taste something real.

Don’t quit this thing. Start today. Write the message. Send the card. Keep your word. Ask for help.

We are in this fight for the long-eternity-haul. I need your gift. And you need mine. Let’s pray like it matters. Today.  And start here:


“Here, before your altar, I’m letting go….of all I’ve held. Of every motive. Every burden. Every thing that’s of myself. I just want to wait on you, my God. I just want to dwell on who you are.” – Beautiful by Kari Jobe


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