Ordinary Miracles


A woman talked to me about miracles the other day. She wanted one. Badly. Prayed for years. And she asked me why God would not answer this one.

I wanted it for her.

It would be a true miracle. Just like me waking up today.

And the thousands of babies who took their first breath.

And the bees that communicated through dance.

The flower you stopped watering…..that just keeps coming back to life.

And the millions of ways God whispers to you without you even knowing it.

It’s easy…oh so easy to add up the unanswered prayers and forget about the answered ones. But what about all the Lord gives us that we never asked for. The smell after the rain. The warmth of the sun. Family. Laughter. All those green lights that seemed to work out quite nicely for you.

Are we looking for Him in the ordinary. Can we start? Because if He cares about all those little things during the moments of our day…how – HOW can He not care deeply about your deepest need?

He cares about you.

 It’s hard. It is. We want it to be easy. Our faith. And if every prayer would just get answered right now, our faith would be stronger, right?

But untested faith is no faith at all. It’s not the warm fuzzy message we heard at first. But we aren’t babes anymore, and it’s time we pass on the milk. As good as it tasted. We don’t realize how good the real food is. We’ve barely touched the surface of knowing God.

He works miracles every day. Big and small. But He alone decides when and why. His goodness is not determined by this, though we struggle to see the good in all. We don’t get to see everything this side of Glory.

We try to define God by what He does or does not do. He keeps loving us while we keep questioning Him. Because He does see all. And He knows we don’t.

Christ asked for His cup to pass. Then- after the asking- he walked on in obedience. It wasn’t easy. Don’t think His divinity protected Him here from human pain.

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

What Christ could not see…or feel in His cross-bearing moment was the fulfillment of the greatest miracle God would ever work.

His unanswered prayer about the cup passing…it’s the only reason we can pray today.

It’s a sacred place. Our unanswered prayers. The place we keep them. A place only God can safely enter with you. There is no hurry here. He is patient with you. For the trust.

And meanwhile, he’s making the sun rise and set. Sending you a breeze. Putting you on someone’s mind so they pray for you.

He’s working miracles for you. In the midst of it all.


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