Changing for Christ

Our Lord is always near by with the hammer and chisel. He is quite ready. Allowing us to see into our own shadows where we do not reflect His light. He is gracious in this.

Great courage is required for us to allow those chips to move into our character.

The need for confession should not lead us into despair, but celebration that we believe the gospel.

His conviction is His grace. Be more concerned if you feel it not.

The closer we follow Him, the more we walk in His shadow. It’s going to happen. The conviction. You cannot be in the presence of holiness and miss the reality of your sinfulness. Your neediness.

Truth is needed here. So that conviction leads us to fall into Him instead of away from Him.

You are safe here. He knows. He knows everything. The deepest part of your heart. All motives, good and selfish. You are safe here.

Don’t try to fix yourself before coming. He will work it out in you. Be quiet. Wait. Listen. Worship. He will change you.

The joy will surprise you. Catch you off guard. Because you are no longer guarding anything. Your own self, what others think of you. You are walking into glory…..from glory to glory.

When you are freed from expectations and empty pursuits and heavy sins and the watchful eye of man, He begins to “satisfy your desires with good things.” Ps. 103

The defenses come down. You don’t need them. The truth of your sin is no longer crushing. You praise Him first now – for showing you, yet again – you can be even more like your Lord, if only…

Whether you see the sin or another painfully shows you – you are joyful. You walk into the sculpting room with God. You’ve been here before. Sometimes it hurts more than other times. But the result is the glory of God.

And let us be careful not to pick up the hammer. For ourselves or others. It is a sacred work for the Lord to change us. He will finish what He has started in you. He does not tire as a master human sculptor would.

Let us not forget all of his benefits: one being that He does, indeed, forgive all of our sins. 1 John 1:9


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