Total Dependence on Jesus Christ

“Our soul has gotten out of intimate contact with God by leaning on our own religious understanding (see Proverbs 3:5-6).” – Oswald Chambers

This is why we tire. Even within our good intentions to “do good” the “I” rises up. We want to do well for Him, but we lean on what we think we know. We have forgotten how to be with Him.

We forget the necessity of this in the call to follow Him. There is a strength found no where else but communion with Him. We must find time to be alone with Him….and do whatever necessary to engage our hunger for His Spirit again.

The Spirit is thirsty to be fed with communion. Our communal living among our dear brothers and sisters… and church activities can actually keep us in a busy place far from His presence.

How do we start?

Because our spirits are so starved over time….large chunks of time need to be carved out for Him. To regain a hunger to “pray without ceasing.” To enter the daily routine of “Good Morning Spirit” in a fresh new way.

We all want understanding. We all at times long to know what tomorrow brings before we obey today.

What will this obedience bring forth” we think and ask.

We want to see the promised land before we enter the desert…and we want to understand all of God’s ways. But even the knowing does not bring the peace we need. He is the peace.

We must choose moments to seek intimacy with the person of Christ and place our total dependence on Him. No decision is too small to bring to Him.

“We should get in the habit of continually seeking his counsel on everything, instead of making our own commonsense decisions and then asking Him to bless them.” – O. Chambers (emphasis mine)

I used the think the statement “we can do nothing without Him” was foolishness. Yet every thing we are able to do is because of Him. Why then are we moving forward without Him?


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