Reinventing Your Faith…when God Reinvents Your Life


I visited the U.N. in Geneva on a cold day in July. I could taste my dream.

Finish my studies in France, travel to my assignment in Mauritania to serve in the Peace Corps…..and I would be rounding the corner to my career in international business.

And then it was a hot day in July…in Oklahoma. And a tugging on my heart.

Not like the burning bush Moses got. No sandals were removed. But I heard from Him. And I knew all of my plans and all my preparation were about to change.

Moses had no inclination, no hint, no minor understanding of the glory that lay ahead. But he could taste the sacrifice. The embarrassment. The worry. And the fear.

Risk is scary. Toss in the pressure of pleasing people, and you’ve got some heartburn. Not the Holy Spirit kind.

The decisions I made are years behind me now. Most people have no idea what I could have been. What I thought I would be. And I wonder still today, how we value our roles in life.

But it’s not so much about the role, is it? The assignment or title we give people because we like to fit them in a comfortable box.

What do you do? I’m a teacher. I’m a vet.

Moses didn’t have a degree. They didn’t follow him because he wore a nametag or wrote their paychecks.

We don’t follow titles. We follow leaders.

And the thing is, he didn’t ask to lead. He became one when he obeyed. Obedience leads to leadership. It’s the example God wants on the big screen.

The story of Moses tells us it’s not too late. To reinvent your life. Your faith. Your message.

He gave up royalty. He murdered a man. He went a totally different direction than his boyhood dreams of building an Egyptian kingdom. When it seems all your dreams are gone and all your resources are dried up, God just might light a fire. When he found Moses, Moses found a new life.

And our story may not be about a new job or a new dream. But a new kind of faith. A new kind of life.

No matter how we have failed or how we have defined our own ability to obey, we can plant a new seed of faith today. We get to choose, every day, what seeds we will plant.

We weren’t kind yesterday. But we can be today.

We didn’t forgive today. But we can tomorrow.

Because those who sow in peace will raise a harvest of righteousness.

The harvest is the goal. And He will reinvent and reconstruct and turn our world upside down until we get that.

It is not ALL ABOUT ME.

The exodus was not all about Moses. God was writing a huge story. And how that story played out depended on the passionate fortitude of Moses in the midst of his greatest challenge.  It depended on his actions. Because real faith is seen in obedience.

So no matter how small you feel your role is, or how big – His story needs your obedience. And mine. The choice is ours today – to believe, to obey and to risk it all for Him.



  1. Thank you, Ginger, for your faithfulness and for sharing. Great message of encouragement. I was feeling disappointed today that my life wasn’t what I thought it would be at this stage. I needed this reminder that it is not about me!


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