Prayers that Change the World


It rises up to the mouth without caution or wonder or study or fear.

You just say it. Without thinking. And your world starts to turn upside down.

Everything starts to line up. Things happen that share one thing in common: the words of that prayer.

These prayers, these cries of the heart that make things happen, make us move…have a few things in common:

They line up with Scripture. So they are inline with His will. And because so much of our lives struggle to find that line and live on it, these muttered words feel pure and right and we leave them at His feet knowing they will produce. Because His Word produces something. Every. Time.

For someone who teaches and tries to practice praying His actual Word, this is different. Praying scripture is powerful. His Word changes circumstances. It changes us. But these world-changing prayers? Seem softer. Come from a deep well of the Spirit’s heart murmuring up through human lips, unexpected, unrehearsed.

One of mine? “God, Give me a heart for the poor.”

I didn’t think that through. Didn’t mean to sound holy. I was alone. Hadn’t studied poverty lately. Just drove down the street and it came out and immediately my heart fell to my feet like a wave. My Spirit agreed. And when He answers a deep heart request, get ready. The hard is coming.

Obedience. Jesus showed us this one. In the garden. This wasn’t a preprinted, preplanned script from a book of prayers. He didn’t know how hard it would be. But this “thy will be done” statement changed the world. He said it. His Spirit agree. And He acted upon it – to the death.

That prayer today could be…”Yes, God.” You know the question.

They hand over complete control. Ouch. Hurts just to say it. Which is why we don’t murmur these kind of prayers often. Oh, we say we are letting go. Then we put that rock back in our pocket and carry it out of the pew. And we reach down inside every so often to make sure it’s there. Because worry becomes a part of us. Like an old friend.

A humble heart. Self-preservation is not found here. Actually, these prayers? Usually take us beyond our fear borders. Our idol worship. Our pride.Example here: vocally blessing your “enemies.” When people choose to pass on being right and getting even, it does change things. Because this world….begs us to win the fight. To make it bigger. More public. A humble prayer can change the world.

You’ll know these prayers by their fruit.

How do we get there? Beyond ourselves….into real, heart-burning requests for the Father?

“Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord?
    Who may stand in his holy place?
 The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,
    who does not trust in an idol
    or swear by a false god” – Psalm 24:3-5

The holy place. We want to stand there. But we are so unworthy….and we feel that don’t we? But we forget that every real encounter with God is holy. Prayers become everyday thanks for bread – if that.

So we renew our awareness of HIS HOLINESS by consuming the WHOLE COUNSEL of His Word daily. It will set into you. It will prepare you. He will change your heart. Renew your mind. Over. time. And changed hearts, obedient lives stayed in His presence and in His Word produce the key to the door of world changing prayers: a pure heart.

The pure in heart will see God.

When we rise, and when we lie down, when we work and when we play – He can become our ONE TRUE LOVE. A love-filled, obedient, humble and pure heart will spill out prayers that can, in fact, change the world.


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