Humble Pie for Dinner

pecan pie

Sometimes it starts with a big bite.

Like right after I married a minister and thought I knew a lot about religion and stuff…and ministering to people. Ahem.

It seems to always go with that “I thought I knew a lot” phrase.

But lately, for months….it’s like something…or someone just placed a fork in front of me. Like a nudging. Crazy thoughts really. As in “maybe I’m not always right.” Or “my way is not always the best or only way.”

I know, crazy.

And the fork is sitting there. Kindly really. Instead of a face down fall into complete embarrassment. Because just like we should embarrass our sins before they embarrass us…..taking the first bite of the pie pays off. And here’s why:

Pride goes before the fall.

Humility goes knees down before Him.

And it changes the way everyone sees you.

It’s visible. When you’ve been with Him.

It changes the way you see yourself. However it happens, fast or overtime, it’s a good thing. The problem occurs with the C word. And it’s not conviction.

Satan condemns. And we join him when we only beat ourselves up for “who we are” or how we acted.

We all act poorly sometimes. We misunderstand His grace and short others on it. To humble ourselves is to admit we are now and will always be in great need of His help.

We hear a lot about entitlement today. It’s mostly about kids. How can we teach our kids to be givers and not takers in a self-serving world? But we all know – they learn what they see. When we are short tempered with the customer service rep. Or frustrated with the school assistant.

Anytime me rises up to say “I’m right” or “I deserve this” or “I could do that better”, we are teaching them.

So I need to keep my mouth shut more. And skip emails and phone calls when I’m confused about something.

But mostly, I need to sit down and have a big piece of pie with my Father.

Because there is rest for our souls. Where comparisons end and demands for self are left at the cross. It’s freeing really. To lay down our heavy merits we’ve been trying to use for the win. He becomes our only brag. And He always wins.

Humbling ourselves before Him is key in loving people. It’s hard to love when your heart is full of self. And here’s the antidote:

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

Not on a pedestal. They tumble.

Back on your feet. To live out His call and do it gladly. In service and love. And every now and then, when you need it, the Spirit may lay a fork down. In warnings. Whispering to you….

Eat some pie.

It’s what’s for dinner.


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