You Know You’re a Mom to Toddlers When…

You go out with your friends and ask them if they need to go potty.

You call your husband Daddy even when the kids are not around.

The petals have been picked off of all your flowering plants.

You do not EVER leave the house without plastic bags and a change of clothes.

It’s impossible to get through the day without saying “No hitting” or “Don’t chase the cat.”

Crackers and cheese is considered an entrée.

You use baby nail clippers to give yourself a manicure.

You wake up with more people in bed than when you went to sleep. (Should I insert “little people”)

You can put “stain removal” as a strength on your resume.

You run. A lot. Not for sport.

You drive miles down the road without kids before realizing you’ve been listening to Sesame Street on cd.

Your order milk at restaurants.

You run the bath water at least three times/day.

The local carpet cleaners know you by name.

You read the same books over and over and over again. Every night.

You have experienced a complete nervous breakdown in the toy aisle.

People have to ask you how to open your cabinets.

You are wearing a Little Mermaid Band-Aid.



One comment

  1. oh yes, for the nervous breakdown in the toy aisle!!!
    or grocery store when the cheese has a bite mark and checker is ready to get another and you have to admit it was your child!


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