What We Really Need

It’s what every person needs the most. Including me.

Especially me.

It’s the one thing the world can’t match…that we can give. Tangibly.

And I’m afraid we aren’t even offering it….to each other.

It’s not peace, but He does that well for us.

And I’m not talking about love, because everyone can love. We are made is His love image.

It’s the lamp we need to take from under the bowl because it is just scandalous enough to get attention.


Because the world can outdo our screens and our fancy hand-outs. But when the lights are out and the weight is heavy and the bottle is close, the soul is hungry. For something unnamed and unknown just yet. Waiting to be offered. Through you and me.

Grace says no matter how mean you are to me, I will love you.

Grace is good for the customer service rep, who has heard the gripes all day. It says no matter if I get what I want today – I will care about this person in the few minutes I have with them – right now.

Grace doesn’t care how you voted in the last election. Or where you stand on…..anything. It says that because you were made by God, I can do life with you. In love.

Grace says even though I have a HUGE list to check today, I will stop what I’m doing if you have a need.

Grace releases the debt we deserve to be paid. Because our debt was bigger, and we know it.

And grace, this is the big one….says even though you took away my very heartbeat, I forgive you.

Grace is so illogical. And, therefore, very noticeable. Especially to those who are itching for it. As their ears ring with a message of UNGRACE. Convicted. Divorced. Addict. Hypocrite.

To break through the fog, to look the part of love, to attract the most doubtful atheist to consider eternity…we will have to shout the message of grace with our lives.

And we will live a life of grace to the extent that we believe we have received it.

So what if we started to believe it’s for us? Because we can’t offer something we don’t have.

I struggle with grace. Somewhere along the way, it becomes sin maintenance. And unnoticed or right in our face, we live for legalism. I see it when I wonder how many hoops I need to jump through for this prayer to be answered like the last one. How many verses must I speak out for His favor to “work” for me. When I focus on my ugliness instead of His righteousness. When I sing “my chains are gone,” but I’m not quite sure. When I realize I really deep down wonder what He thinks about me. And if I guess, it would not be good.

And all along, grace is blind. To the specific sin and the specific works. It just needs one door to pass through. And while its moving through, we are clinging to the doorknobs of all other areas, trying to stretch our Christianity far enough to reach.

It’s tiring – trying to fix ourselves. And others. Running in circles right in front of the open door.

Je suis la porte. “I am the door.”

Through which His grace is sufficient.



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