Grading God

There comes a time when we need to look away.

Because our world gets really small when it’s all about us. And so does God.

It’s like the faith only works when it’s working for me. And all is right in the heavens when my prayers are answered.

We often grade God by what He has done for us.

Why do we think we can only testify to what He has done for our lives?

I began to tell myself it was okay to look at other lives. The way He saves and does the miraculous among them. And let that increase my faith.

The miracle does not always have to be for me.

And it does not always have to be what we expect.

We’ve been grading God on a curve. And His average score depends on “What have you done for me lately?”

So I read this because there is something about knowing another believer had been there. And He took her through.

And this because it tells me God is watching to see that His plans for us are fulfilled, and He cares for us.

And this because only God could cause such faith in the midst of it all.

And of Joseph because God showed the world through Him that His favor can take you anywhere.

And of Esther because where you come from is not near as important as who you belong to.

Their stories were drenched with the presence of God. The stories around us and before us are God’s storybook to us. All of His works are praiseworthy. And in the rearview mirror, especially of other lives, God looks pretty impressive. And pretty faithful. And….let’s just say, He knew what He was doing.

So if our praise has been waiting….and our trust wavering. Let’s remember: We aren’t the only subjects of the test. He is writing essays all around us.




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