Faith, Trust….and Pixie Dust

I’ve seen my share of cartoons. Over and over again. Most moms can quote their fair share of Disney movies. So, when I was caught off guard by Peter Pan, I let the Spirit in.

He’s teaching them how to fly. Who hasn’t seen this part? And he says,

“All it takes is faith and trust.”


Oh, that’s all.

Just faith AND trust.

How does that feel today? Heavy? Or light? I venture to say…on many days…maybe most for some – it’s heavy.

Because just when I think I’m starting to get this faith thing, the trust factor throws me.

I just don’t TRUST HIM ENOUGH.

And what in the world is the difference? Because we need both.

My brother is an EOD. For Non-Military people – he’s a cool and dangerous bomb guy. I believe he knows a lot about bombs and can do quite a bit with them. But when the pressure is on…will he? Would he do what it took to save others? I would stake my life on it. I trust him. Because I know him.

Trust is somehow deeper than faith for me. It’s earned. Webster defines it as assured reliability. You can rely on someone you trust because you did before and they stepped up.

David talked A LOT about trust in the Psalms. I don’t wonder why.

Trust is seen in action. I can say I believe God all day. But trust calls me to step out before I see Him moving. And David was in the action. He couldn’t wait around and just hope. I’m sure many of these prayers were murmured as he was putting the armor on. He had MANY BATTLES. And of all the people in the Bible, I don’t know of another that vocalizes his trust as much.

Interesting. The most struggle causes the most trust. Because he had to.

There is nothing like taking the leap and falling into Him. That’s assurance.

Ps. 125:1 – “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.”

That doesn’t mean life won’t shake us. We know that.

The word “endure” there means settled…to stay. When we settle in a place, we are comfortable there. The invitation is to settle into His character. And His arms. To remember the last time we relied on Him and He came through.

So what about the times we just didn’t see that. See Him?

As I come to realize more that life isn’t all about me (duh) – I can appreciate even more the stories of how God came through for all kinds of other people. And then – my reliability list is crazy long. But…even if it was only my list: He is incredibly good.

Lately though, my own struggle internally is how much do I need to fast and pray THIS TIME for your deliverance?

You know, the hoop-jumping. I’ll give you this…can you provide this? I tithed extra – you saw that, right. Wait, did I pray enough…or right? If I say my verses out loud enough this week, He will be proud of me attempting to change my own will and will bless that.


There is nothing about my carnal secular mind that matches up with His Word. I have GOT to remember we were given the mind of Christ, BUT we still have to use it.

Does he provide FAVOR to his beloved. YES.

Does he provide ALL OF OUR NEEDS. YES.

And God does not have an ON/OFF switch. He doesn’t just work on Tuesdays. He is always going to be reliable. In every situation.

What if we just believed that and cut the worry cord?

Today, I’ve decided to TRUST HIM. Period.

So we put the armor on and step out. We don’t see the pixie dust of the Spirit falling on us, but it’s there. And so is He.

Like the battle when God moved his invisible army of angles over the tree tops like a mighty rush of wind to destroy David’s enemies, He shows up just in time.




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