Gideon’s Prayer…and Mine.

He is a detail God. You can see that in the tabernacle instructions. Or a leaf. Or the human eye.

And we probably miss, everyday, tiny miracles right in front of us. He’s working…as I heard once, “not always visibly, but always absolutely.” And then, sometimes…..He is incredibly VISABLE.

And He has grown my faith through specific and detailed answered prayer. Just like Gideon.

Gideon needed assurance that God would be with him in the battle. Don’t we all. We NEED to know that.

So what does he do? He asks God to prove He will. Wow – doesn’t God ask that we not test Him? (Dt. 6:16) Yet, He gives us SO MUCH ROOM in our doubts.

Gideon says, “If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised (wait, God already promised this…hmmm) – look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said.” (Notice God also said He would – hmmm).

And in the morning – there it was. Just as he asked. But here is the next part…

Then Gideon said to God, “Do not be angry with me. Let me make just one more request. Allow me one more test with the fleece. This time make the fleece dry and the ground covered with dew.” That night God did so.

Very cool, God. Very cool.

He could have said – Gideon, why aren’t you trusting me? I promised. I said so. And I gave you a sign.

But He didn’t. He knew Gideon’s heart. And He blew a fresh breeze of encouragement straight to that heart.

I love Gideon, as much as I can love a guy I only read about. He is fierce in battle and faith. But just like us, he needs RE-assurance. Hasn’t God promised us He will care for us? Hasn’t He SAID in His WORD He will never leave us? But we ask for a sign.

And God will sometimes give that very sign. Even one you would have never thought of.

So I needed $1400. Well, that’s what I budgeted for a little vaca with my hubs. We NEEDED this. We have twin toddlers. He is in ministry. Do I need to say anything else?

I prayed for it.

And long story short, I booked this trip on faith. And I stuck any extra cash in a little box in my closet every chance I got. Which wasn’t too often. And we were getting closer to departure. Here’s the deal. We made a promise to each other…and to Him. If the money is not there by the day before, we cancel. Because debt is not our friend.

We had a little in savings, but not enough. So….two weeks before I decide to have a garage sale.  (Yeah, I don’t like these.) It wasn’t really to make enough money for the trip. I was so ready to clean out our shop. Anyway, you know how it is, right. You put $1 and they offer a dime, etc. etc. Barely any item sold for what I had originally priced. And I had no idea how much stuff we put out or if anyone would even come.

So here it is. When the day was over, I went inside and added up what I made plus my little box in the closet plus our savings account. Who wants to guess how much I had? $1401.

Yeah. That doesn’t just happen, people. Every single item had to sell for the exact amount it did to get that number. And I wasn’t paying attention. And we had to have just the right number in the closet and the account to make it add up. When I hit total on my calculator and saw that number, I smiled. He did that for me. To Re-assure me. He matched my number. (Okay – He threw in another dollar, but Lord knows I probably needed that extra dollar for all the tips in Florida.)

A detail God.

But that’s not all.

He brought unexpected checks in the mail just because He could. And He brought favor at the hotel. They upgraded us and removed our resort fees. The trip was perfect and such a blessing.

Then I got home. And this is when we go broke, right? That’s how vacation works. You get home to the regular bills and low diaper supply.

So I got out my notebook. (Because when you have a need, you go BACK and remember what HE has done for you). And I prayed the same prayer of TRUST that I had prayed before. And when I started to let concern enter my mind, I said, “Father, if you can take us to Florida, you can handle the everyday life we live here. I trust you to give us enough every day, one day at a time.”

That’s how that manna worked. It’s how He works. Trust Him enough for TODAY.

Then I walked to the mailbox. And you know all those people who have random checks just show up for them? (No? Yeah, me neither) – Except it happens to us.

That day, there was a check. The day I prayed that prayer.

And it was made out to me. This is important. Because all checks in our house are made to David. He brings the bacon. But this was FROM GOD TO ME. You can’t get more random than this. It was a refund from a procedure I had done almost three years before at a hospital in OKC….for over $600. There wasn’t even a reason for the refund typed on the check.

It could have said, “I heard your prayer, child. Thank you for trusting me.”

The thing about prayer is this: We won’t get everything we ask. But sometimes, we will get exactly what we ask. So don’t stop asking and don’t stop trusting. He knows what is best. And He can make the dew fall on the fleece…..and His love shower your heart. He can stretch your faith until you think it cannot go any farther.

We are not the first to doubt. We are not the first to ask.

There is a caretaker in Heaven and He likes to surprise us. Reward us. Be gracious to us. I get stuck on my sin and my doubt and how much I do not deserve His good gifts. But….He GIVES THEM ANYWAY.

So though you are doubting…and you are sinning….and you are tired of praying…ask once more. Write it down. Tell Him you trust Him – no matter what. He is faithful…even in the details. Give Him a chance to love on you.




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