Finding God…..when He seems to be missing

In the movie “New in Town” Renee Zellweger is a high-time exec asked to visit a small town in Minnesota to downsize a factory. Upon arrival, her future assistant, Blanch Gunderson, picks her up to drive her around. After busting out her scrapbooks and talking about her cat, she asks Renee’s character, Lucy…in Minnesota draw and quite seriously….”Have you found Jesus?”

Lucy thinks she is pretty funny when she says, “I didn’t know He was missing.”

Trudy responds with, “We don’t joke about Jesus.”

Great movie.

The truth is, there are times it seems that He is….missing. In our circumstances. In our unanswered prayers. On our long days when life and Scripture just don’t add up.

And possibly even more so when we have felt of His intimacy and it draws back.

Possibly no one knows this feeling like the disciples….one day after the cross. And I thought about Mary Magdalene this week. These people, these followers had left everything. They chose to look like fools for what they believed. They left their families. And now…He was dead.

And I wondered, why Mary? Why did she get to discover Him first?

Was it because she needed it most? Out of all of the disciples, she was most deeply hurt? He knows our hearts.

Or was it because He knew she would come near Him even in the midst of her worst trial?

Not everyone does. Maybe few do. Come near. Looking for Him in the midst of it.

Sometimes it’s easier to blame Him. Or carry a hurt. Or question. Or try to solve everything on our own.

Regardless, it’s quiet. We can’t see Him, feel Him or touch His garment and we are lost. We are. Not Him.

He is near. Though it makes no sense and rubs against every human desire to touch the tangible – He is near. But for most believers this side of Heaven…and too many reasons to list in this post, days will come when our faith is …and must be, unequivocally blind.

Kari Jobe sings a song entitled “Find You on my Knees.” The chorus follows:

I will find you in the place I’m in.

Find you when I’m at my end.

Find you when there’s nothing left of me to offer you except my brokenness.


The place I’m in.

This is about more than a physical place. Oh, it can be one. I’ve met with God in the mountains of Colorado and the valleys of Switzerland, feeling His presence as strong as in my Oklahoma bedroom.

But will we find Him in the PLACE we are in. The challenging relationship. The job we thought would be different. The lost loved one. The unanswered question. The daily call to surrender. The unexpected journey. The everyday and mundane. The hard places.

Because blind faith is real faith. It’s been through the threshing floor.

And when we are ready, and not before….we stand up and look for Him again. We determine to obey Him when we feel nothing. We start to sing and let the praise come on its own. We whisper a prayer and we fall on our knees because it’s our life. He is our life.

And the veil lifts. And our heart softens and burns alive again. Because we gave up wanting to know all the answers. We chose to trust.

And we seem to see Him smiling towards us. “That’s it, child. Trust me.”









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