My One Thing

ImageI was driving home from our book review of 7 by Jen Hatmaker

Knowing our hearts were ready for this new working of God. But we needed a vision. And I wondered what my one thing would be.

I had shared my courageous questions with them. I asked them of myself after reading 7. The first question was: Am I giving the poor my leftovers?

What if there was a table in the middle of the room and we each were asked (given the opportunity) to give God our very best. Not the garage sale stuff. Our very favorite item in the whole world. That diamond necklace or your Mom’s old sewing machine. What “thing” would be hard to offer.

Yesterday I realized what my one thing is. My house.

We prayed about every detail in this house, and God provided. I love our home. We were just about to talk about renting or building when it popped up online on a Wednesday morning. We had just written out a prayer with a list of things we wanted. And there it was.

I called our realtor and said, “Buy it.” He didn’t feel too good about that kind of purchase over the phone. Go figure. So I told the boss I had to leave, drove 2 hours with David to grab it before it was gone. I pulled in the driveway and said, “where do I sign?”

It has every single thing we listed in that prayer. And we were detailed.

It’s perfect for our little family. I’m even getting used to the blue paint on the front porch from when the kids “helped” me with Josh’s room. And the swing in the front was handmade by a dear friend who cut down his favorite oak tree to make a gift of love for us.

The landscaping could use some serious attention. And I used to really care. But lately I just can’t seem to justify that kind of money for plants when I’m reading about a girl Katie Davis took in who would dig in the dirt for hours to find something to eat. Or about the moms in Uganda who are making mud pies when they have nothing else to give their kids.

Here’s the thing riches: I don’t want you anymore. You are the noose around our necks. We think you give us more freedom. But the things of this world are choking us. And I don’t want to get to the end of this life and have to try and squeeze through the eye of a needle. (Matthew 19:24)

I want to walk to Him free of every “thing” with arms open and ready to embrace. Because where my treasure is….my heart will be. And I want my heart in Heaven.

Foster care is on my mind. And adoption. And feeding the poor. And opening my home. But the details and the call will come. I’m starting with my one thing. And my heart. And an answer to a question I haven’t even heard from Him yet.

“Yes, Lord. I will,”


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